COVID-19 real-time PCR test kit manufacturing facility

The global coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented working situations, with unique demands placed on supply chains and the manufacturing industry. In response to this, we have completely transformed our laboratory space over the past three months. Our COVID-19 real-time PCR test kit manufacturing facility has been developed and successfully proven for real-time PCR test kit manufacture to detect the novel coronavirus. We shipped over 250,000 vials in the first 6 weeks of production. We are now looking to support other clients and make dedicated space within our manufacturing facility available to assist production and scale-up efforts.

Complete support solutions

Our facility is equipped to support all stages of production, from bulk reagent manufacture to individual kit packaging. There is over 10,000 sqft of socially-distanced manufacturing areas, quality control stations, packing, logistics, and expediting capabilities. Automation systems enable consistent, reliable high-throughput production. Our facility is available immediately with the capacity to produce 300,000 vials a week. More space and further scale-up capacity is available up to 750,000 vials a week in 6 weeks time.

Real time PCR system for QC testing

Quality assured

All test kit manufacturing, including QC testing, is carried out under strict ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accreditations specifically for RT-qPCR test kit manufacturing. In addition, we are in the process of implementing GMP across the facility to ensure that we operate to the highest standards. Our five-stage quality assurance process ensures that all product which leaves our facility meets or exceeds our exceptional quality standards.

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Please note that we are a contract manufacturing facility. We do not sell or supply individual test kits to end users.