Optical and fluorescence microscopy

Nothing beats being able to directly see what you’re doing! Optical and fluorescence microscopy is perfect for wide-field characterisation and initial inspections.

Optical and fluorescence microscopy can provide instant results for cell counting and in vitro viability studies. It is also often used to find the site of interest for more detailed analysis by electron microscopy.

Zeiss Axiovert 200M fluorescence microscope

Fluorescence microscopy

Fluorescence imaging gives selective information about different structures in your sample.

Zeiss Axiovert 200M

  • Inverted microscope suitable for slides and standard multiwell plates.
  • Axiocam MRC5 with 5MP high definition and 36-bit colour depth.
  • Up to 1000X magnification in oil, and up to 400X magnification in ambient conditions.
  • Fluorescence filters include DAPI, FITC, Rhodamine and Texas Red
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